Vocational Academy

Vocational Academy is an Institute for students who opt for Computer Science as their Elective Technical Subject for their H.S.C. board Examination. Founded on 1st May 2011 by Mr. Ibrahim Rumani and Mr. Raj Patel with an initial investment of Rs.250/-  it is successfully running its 9th academic year. After having conducted over 6000 hours of teaching Computer Science to over 700 students along with getting results including the 3rd highest in Maharashtra State makes us proudly stand on the forts that we are standing on today!


At Vocational Academy, we believe in making a difference. We want to see each individual not only use but also harness the power of computers to his or her benefit. We see each individual dreaming big and achieving bigger. We at Vocational Academy don't just see computers as storage or processing devices or as one of the biggest entertainment and communication sources but as an extension of 'the individual'. We believe in staying up to date with the changing trends of the fastest growing industry of this world that is, Information Technology.


We aim to endow each individual with the power of the internet and computers and "code", in the best form possible.

"Everyone should learn how to code because it teaches you how to think".