Engineering C-Programming (FE-SPA) – Starts May 9

Engineering Admissions & Semesters

Due to lockdowns being extended colleges may not operate until September. Semesters are going to be shorter as CET & JEE will get delayed, delaying the admission process. As a result colleges are going to rush with the syllabus leaving students with insufficient time to prepare. So preparation must begin for difficult subjects such as SPA.

Batch Details

Starts: May 9 - Ends: June 18
Thursday & Saturday
3:00 PM - 5:30 PM
(2.5 hours)
Online Lectures
Virtual Classroom
Course Fee ₹10,000
Online Payment

Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't it too early to start preparing for engineering?

No. This year is going to be full of surprises with a very disrupted timeline. It’s important we get ahead of the situation and be prepared. Atleast for a subject like SPA.

How to Enroll?

Step 1: Fill the form
Step 2: Pay the fee online using your credit / debit card / net banking. A receipt will be sent to your registered email id.

*You will be re-directed to the our parent company's website Infotech Academy for a secure payment.
Once you pay the fee you will share the classroom login details with you.

Faculty: Ibrahim Rumani

With an experience of over 6000+ hours of teaching 4000+ students in the last 9 years, I invite you to join me on this learning experience. Everyone must learn how to write code because it teaches you how to think. Coding might be difficult for first timers but when taught with the right approach it can do wonders academically as well as professionally.

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